How to set-up Asus router (RT-N10, rev. B1) in repeater mode using Wireless MAC filter on the main router

July 11, 2011

Extend your Wi-Fi signal with Linksys WRT54G (main router) and ASUS RT-N10 (repeater)

I have used  WRT54G router (running DD-WRT) for more than 6 years. After upgrading to Android phones I needed to extend  Wi-Fi signal, so it can be reached outside.

I have been searching for some cheap Wi-Fi router that can operate in repeater mode (and possible upgradeable to DD-WRT in the future). I have made decision to buy ASUS RT-N10 (rev. B1)

As a first step .I have upgraded firmware to latest version.  Next switched router to repeater mode, selected Wi-Fi network provided by WRT54G, provided network WPA2  password.  Everything seemed OK, except for authorisation.

I have realised I had enabled Wireless MAC Access filter on WRT54G, so I added RT-N10 MAC address to the filter list. Unfortunately this did not help. The solution was to temporarily disable  Wireless MAC address filter (on WRT54G) and find out MAC address RT-N10 uses for Wi-Fi connection (in DD-WRT Web interface), which was different from MAC address shown in RT-N10 Web interface (last hex number was increased by 1, e.g. 9C -> 9D).

After correcting MAC address in the filter list (and enabled MAC filtering again), repeater mode started to work.