How to set-up Asus router (RT-N10, rev. B1) in repeater mode using Wireless MAC filter on the main router

Extend your Wi-Fi signal with Linksys WRT54G (main router) and ASUS RT-N10 (repeater)

I have used  WRT54G router (running DD-WRT) for more than 6 years. After upgrading to Android phones I needed to extend  Wi-Fi signal, so it can be reached outside.

I have been searching for some cheap Wi-Fi router that can operate in repeater mode (and possible upgradeable to DD-WRT in the future). I have made decision to buy ASUS RT-N10 (rev. B1)

As a first step .I have upgraded firmware to latest version.  Next switched router to repeater mode, selected Wi-Fi network provided by WRT54G, provided network WPA2  password.  Everything seemed OK, except for authorisation.

I have realised I had enabled Wireless MAC Access filter on WRT54G, so I added RT-N10 MAC address to the filter list. Unfortunately this did not help. The solution was to temporarily disable  Wireless MAC address filter (on WRT54G) and find out MAC address RT-N10 uses for Wi-Fi connection (in DD-WRT Web interface), which was different from MAC address shown in RT-N10 Web interface (last hex number was increased by 1, e.g. 9C -> 9D).

After correcting MAC address in the filter list (and enabled MAC filtering again), repeater mode started to work.


7 Responses to How to set-up Asus router (RT-N10, rev. B1) in repeater mode using Wireless MAC filter on the main router

  1. Thanks for your tips on the mac address filtering. I just setup one of these routers in repeater mode and needed to do just as you mentioned with the mac address filter.

  2. Tomkan says:

    Did you flash DD.WRT to Asus RT-10? I’d like to know whether B1 revision can be flashed to DD-WRT.

    • bubblesway says:

      No, I did not flash DD-WRT. I use DD-WRT on my main router. Asus RT-10 is used only as repeater. Look at DD-WRT site or forum.

  3. Adriano says:

    Hi, I have the exact same configuration on my wifi network.
    I would like to know if you have an iPhone or iPad trying to connect to a printer or iTunes (via Bonjour). In my case the connection works when connected to the main router, but not when connected to the repeater…
    It looks like the repeater somehow do not transmit the Bonjour packets, or something like that… Have you heard of something of this kind?

    Best regards

    • bubblesway says:

      No, I do not use iPhone or iPad. I connect mostly Android devices to the router. Try some iP[hone|ad] forum. Perhaps you will find some help there.

  4. NYSM says:

    I have the same problem: RT-N10 disconnect with the main router. I use mac filter. Thanks for the tip.

  5. Wanda says:

    Good post. I will be facing many of these issues
    as well..

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